Swimming Down - VIDEO 
Swimming Down - VIDEO 
COLD*WORDS was created by Regan Hughes, the founding member of Melbourne Hardcore band 'Left For Wolves'. After tirelessly playing shows throughout Australia, which saw Left For Wolves headlining clubs, supporting a multitude of International bands and reaching #1 on Australian Itunes Metal Charts, Regan had no aspirations of slowing down once the group disbanded. COLD*WORDS was spawned from a much needed outlet for overflowing emotion and creativity. With many years experience in song writing and recording COLD*WORDS is a bold and creative offering of easy to digest songs that boast a deeper complexity on closer inspection.
Outcasts EP
COLD*WORDS is a new take on Progressive Rock strongly influenced by 90's Grunge & Alternative Groups. This combination creates something fresh that has a comforting familiarity. 
Self recorded and produced, 'Outcasts' is an intensely honest and personal journey through alienation, depression and anxiety. The lyrics are soul baring and grim at times but the narrative stays tongue in cheek throughout the musical passages.
This offers a refreshing outlook that allows our story teller to delve deeper without the familiar "Woe is Me" projection. You get the feeling that our narrator doesn't want any help, they purely want you to feel what they feel for a moment in time.
"Breathing again, it seems I survived the night. I prayed again, just to see if words could help my plight" - Cursed

This is a true story.

Born from grief and fueled by passion these songs are a home for someone who may otherwise feel lost. Creating a community of like minded individuals, this is a movement. 


"A Dark Mass, growing Faster" - Outcasts


All songs written and recorded by Regan Hughes
Re-amped by Travis Johnson*
*Drums played by Jonny Nanos and recorded by Travis Johnson.
Mixed by Travis Johnson & Regan Hughes
Produced by Regan Hughes
Mastered by: Ermin Hamidovic
Video by Ben @Third Eye Visuals
All sounds made by guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

                                             Waste to The World - We Are the Outcasts.

Management & Bookings:
Regan Hughes
Art Design:
Joel Hammonds